Hidden Risks to Children and Teens

Curbing the dangers of nighttime fun for kids

Dallas based company, High Beam Shoes, builds kids shoes with one thing in mind, Safety. Pedestrian traffic injuries are on the rise. A recent article in Today, Put-down-your-phone-and-walk, pointed out. According to usgov.org the item that is in every survival kit, car emergency kit, and every other emergency situation kit, is a simple flashlight. Something so common, yet how many times have you been caught without it when you needed it?

High Beam Shoes

High Beam Shoes has combined a high quality sneaker with; you guessed it, a flashlight. In the ever evolving world of light up led shoes, some that light up when you walk, some when you dance, High Beam Shoes decided to take a different approach. Each pair of High Beams comes equipped with 2 super bright, built in, forward facing, “headlights”, like a car.

With just a click of the button, located on the tongue of the shoe, you have flashlights for your feet. Sure they are pretty cool, and great for exploring, camping and hide and seek at night, however High Beams sees it a little differently. “We spend half of our lives without sunlight”. “Are just supposed to stop going outside because it’s dark”? A question posed by owner Joe Goodrich.

Aside from the dangers of injuries related to tripping on stairs and dark hallways, children may suffer broken bones, eye injuries and various other abrasions. “Kids are curious. We have to be very vigilant about our children, and really live in the moment and be present when we’re supervising them,” says Kate Carr, president of Safe Kids Worldwide, which aims to prevent unintentional childhood injuries.

How many times have you told your kids “watch where you’re going?” High Beams wants kids to be safe, and have a great time doing what kids do. The headlights help kids pay attention to where they are going and lights the way. The High Beam Shoes, available to the public this March, help parents keep an eye on their kids. “The lights are easily visible to the eye, you can always identify your kids,” says Joe. High Beams have an additional safety feature. If you click the on/off button a second time, they blink. Perfect for nighttime bike riding or walks, and easily visible to cars and other traffic. “At High Beam Shoes, we believe that Playtime isn’t just for Daytime.”

You can find their website and contact info here: http://highbeamshoes.com/ email: info@highbeamshoes.com