All New Theme Options and more on GoodTask 4.3

GoodTask 4.3 update is focused on all new theme options on iOS. GoodTask for macOS will follow same version from now on to decrease confusion. All other improvements are done on both iOS and macOS.

All New ‘Theme’ Options

Auto Switch between themes

You can set up to change themes automatically according to time settings (up to 5 time range) or screen brightness. This means you can use different themes on morning time, evening time and night time if you’d like too. 😄

Make your own theme with Theme Maker

Theme is now fully customizable. You can make your own theme and use GoodTask as you like. You can first start with ‘Copy from existing theme’. From the theme, you can change each things as you like.

You can also start with editing ‘Default Color’. As you choose a color, prompt will be shown to start automatic process. Using ‘Default’ mode will let you go through options to select either to use default color on background or title/icons on top and bottom bars.

‘Color Focused’ mode will set up theme as one color. All the details that change with this process can be separately edited as you like.

Please refer to ‘Help’ page for details on each properties.

As you edit the theme, you can tap ‘Preview’ to view your changes. This preview will rotate between list/day/week/month views on your current tasks page.

Check below link on homepage for more.

Share your theme

You can upload your themes on GoodTask Forum. Also you can use themes that other people uploaded.

Theme is shared through base64 encoded text. You can copy the text and choose ‘Import’ inside the app to get the theme. :)

Improvements in Various Areas

‘Previously Used’

Colors, Sort Options and Auto-Snooze settings are saved when you select one to use them later easily.

5 items are saved (10 for colors on iOS) and you can delete all of them in ‘Settings — Advanced’. These are all synced if you’re using Automatic Preferences Sync.

Delete Completed Tasks with Option

Previously, you can only delete all completed tasks. Now you can select options to delete completed tasks that are ‘older than previous month’, ‘older than 3 months’ and ‘older than this year’. It can be done in ‘Settings — Advanced’.

Sound Effects & Haptic Feedback settings

You can micro manage sounds and haptic feedback inside ‘Settings-General’.

Quick Action : Priority

You had only option to rotate between priorities but now you can pick one to be an action regardless of current priority.

Completed Tasks done today on Scheduled Smart Lists

Scheduled Smart Lists didn’t contain completed tasks until now. Now you can check the tasks that’s completed today right on same list. (Good for Apple Watch too if you’re checking the bar)

Notification detail view follows ‘Appearance’ settings

Previously it was set to particular settings but now it follows your settings on ‘Settings — Appearance’.

App Icon Badge ‘All Items’ option

Sum of all tasks and events on selected Smart List will be shown on the badge.

Also you’ll be able to check last synced time on Auto Preferences Sync. It’ll be shown directly on macOS and on iOS, tap the option and it’ll be shown.

Hope you enjoy the update and get things done with GoodTask! Thanks! 😍