Better Quick Actions on v3.8.0

haha Interactive
May 1, 2018 · 2 min read

~GoodTask v3.8.0 includes better Quick Actions and more~

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* Better Quick Actions

  • Additional info (usually date) is shown under title for certain actions

: If due date has passed, this action will start from today

: Minutes, Hours — Date changes to today. Now + Relative time

: Days, Weeks, Months — Date changes to today + relative date. Time remains same

: If later than today, relative date/time is added

  • Alert

: Toggle, On, Off can be selected

  • Repeat

: Recurrence option can be added via Quick Actions

  • Switch

: Empty text to remove previous text is available (only on last order)

  • Contextual Date

: To add due date to selected date (for users without contextual date option turned on)

  • Day & Time

: Sunday ~ Saturday, Next Month, Next Month(Weekday) can be selected as ‘Day’

: Next available weekday will be selected for Sunday ~ Saturday

: Next Month can be selected for 1st day of next month. Also Next Month (weekday) is available to select first weekday of next month

  • Colored dot is added to List names

* Contextual Text

  • Option inside ‘Settings > New Task > Contextual’

* Other improvements

  • Single Reminders Lists can now have Default View set

& other minor bugs fixed

** Please update GoodTask on all your devices to 3.8.0 before editing Quick Actions for better usage especially if you’re using Auto Preferences Sync **

Thanks for your support! :D

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GoodTask App

To-do/ Task Manager based on iOS/Mac Reminders app…

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