GoodTask 3.9.1 with various improvements

It’s a little soon but GoodTask v3.9.1 is ready.

  1. Scheduled Smart Lists will have ‘Calendar Events’ filtered too with the tasks. That means if you have ‘Today’ filter on a smart list, calendar events on today will be shown on all the views including list views. And other events on other date will not be shown on week/month views.
  2. You can now set start and end time on Scheduled Smart Lists. This is available for ‘Today’ and ‘Tomorrow’. You can set up ‘Today Morning’ smart list as 9:00 ~ 12:00 which will show you tasks and events during that time only.
  3. New Quick Action : Open URL. This will let you open URL field right on quick actions page. When URL field is empty, GoodTask will try to find one on notes field and title field and fill it if possible.
  4. Quick Action ‘Date & Time’ has ‘No Time’ option added. You can change date only preserving existing time. :)
  5. Quick Action ‘Relative date’ has ‘Calculate from Today when overdue’ option added. Default is on. If you turn it off, overdue tasks will simply add that relative date. If it’s on, it’ll add the relative date from today. For example, if due date has passed yesterday at July 22th Sunday. Now it’s July 23th Monday and I’ll run a ‘+1 Week’ Quick Action. If the option is on, due date will change to July 30th Monday. If it’s turned off, it’ll change to July 29th Sunday which is simply adding +1 week on pre-existing due date.
  6. Duplicate Smart List added. You can swipe right on iOS and right click on macOS.

And there are other small improvements and bug fixes. I hope you like it. Thanks!