GoodTask for iOS 3.6 Update

GoodTask for iOS 3.6 version will be updated soon. Main new features are Smart Button and Drag & Drop. Below is full release note.

Smart Button — Favorites

You can move around ‘Smart Lists’ with selected views easily with Smart Button. Setup your favorite lists inside ‘Settings > Smart Button’.

You can use Smart Button in below 2 ways.

  • Tap the button and choose the list
  • Tap down smart button and swipe to the list and lift up the touch to move more quickly

When inside a list, you can also move up and down the list with ease.

Enhanced Tasks page

  • Now tapping a task will send you to general page. Swiping right will send you to Quick Actions and swiping left will send you to Subtasks. (Swipe long to move right away)
  • Inside a task, you can move around with buttons on top right too additional to existing swiping. Also URL and Notes are moved to General page.
  • Swiping on separate tasks will not change dates on Day, Week, Month views
  • You need to swipe calendar on top the tasks to move around dates

Drag and drop

Long tap on tasks will now work as drag and drop. Details are described below.

  • Tasks : Dragging tasks on tasks list will run as normal movement as before.
  • Tasks into a task : Dragging tasks into a task will make subtasks with same title. (Dragged tasks will not be deleted)
  • Subtasks : Dragging subtask inside subtasks will make it move
  • Subtasks into a task : Subtasks will be moved to newly selected task
  • Subtasks at tasks list : New tasks will be made with same title. (Dragged subtasks will not be deleted)
  • Tasks and Subtasks into Notes app : Task titles will be exported with circle at the front
  • Lists : Dragging a list will move the list
  • Tasks into a list : List of the tasks will be changed (Reminders lists only)

Other additions

  • Huge+ font size is added
  • You can setup ‘Initial Task Page’ for add page

& other minor adjustments and bugs fixed