GoodTask for macOS 3.6.1 Update

GoodTask for macOS 3.6.1 will be updated soon. This update includes feature to drag and drop subtasks from one task to another.

You may move multiple subtasks at once if you’d like to. Dropped subtasks will be deleted on the task and will be added to the newly selected task. You can use this feature to easily move around subtasks on various situations.

Keyboard shortcut to open subtasks window (COMMAND-S) has been changed to (COMMAND-/). It was initially suggested by Dan Blaker ( and it seemed reasonable.

Also 3.6.1 includes below bug fixes.

- Subtasks/Quick Actions panel not opening while opening main window bug has been fixed

- Customized toolbar not saving bug has been fixed

- Editing title and notes while syncing has got more stable.

It’ll be released soon. Thanks!