iOS 12, watchOS 5, macOS Mojave support and more on GoodTask 4.1

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Sep 16, 2018 · 3 min read

While updating the app to fulfill long list of improvements to make, time has come to support latest OS’s on multiple platforms. GoodTask 4.1 includes Siri Shortcuts, new complications for Apple Watch Series 4 and several more improvements.

1. Siri Shortcuts

There are 2 kinds of shortcuts supported. One is to ‘Open’ specific list on certain view. You can open ‘All Lists’ on Day view immediately.

Another one is to ‘View’ specific list on certain view while talking with Siri. Touching the view will open GoodTask on that view immediately.

Adding them is simple. Tap ‘…’ button on top right and you’ll see the button like below.

This will be separate on List/Day/Week/Month views. You can add one for each. To add a shortcut to open the app immediately, you need to go into default > Siri & Search > Shortcuts. You can choose the one you’d like there. Keep in mind that you need to go into that view inside the app first to make the option go into that list.

I don’t use Bing..

To clear that list, go into ‘GoodTask > Settings > Lists & Calendars’ once and it’ll be done.

2. Complications for Apple Watch Series 4

Complications has been modified a bit (Completed check has been changed to GoodTask icon) and the ones that can go into new Series 4 has been added. Below screenshot shows how it shows.

3. Start Dates works with Scheduled filters on Smart Lists

Many people loved updated filters on Smart Lists and I’ve got lots of feedback about it. Most requested one was to make it work with Start Dates like Day/week/month views. Now with GoodTask 4.1, if you have Start Dates turned on, scheduled filters will filter tasks according to start dates too.

This means that if you have ‘Today’ scheduled filter on a smart list, tasks that have start date before today (or today) and due date later than today will be shown on that list too.

4. Paste to add tasks directly

Now you can long tap ‘+’ button (on iOS) to add tasks directly with copied text. If it has multiple lines, multiple tasks will be added.

On macOS, you can simply paste (CMD-V) to add tasks with copied text. (Thanks Marc!) Also CMD-arrows while editing text will work as expected and not change lists.

That’s about it. Hope you enjoy the update and get things done! Thanks!

GoodTask App

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