Location-based Reminders with Favorites on GoodTask v3.9

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Jul 13, 2018 · 4 min read
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GoodTask has just been updated to v3.9! Task manager based on Apple’s Reminders app has gotten much better. Let’s take a look at various improvements one by one.

  • Performance improvements with faster loading.

This update will enhance performance for all the devices from initial loading to refreshing. :)

  • Favorite Locations for Location-based Tasks

GoodTask used to save locations that you’ve used before but it wasn’t that useful. With this update, you’ll be able to add favorite locations with a name. You’ll be able to add, re-order, delete these locations and also make Quick Actions and Smart Lists according to these locations.

Location setting page on iOS
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Location setting on macOS

On iOS, you can long-tap to move the pin. Also swiping the black dot left and right will adjust length of the radius.

On macOS, swiping around the map will move the pin. It’ll follow the center of the map. Also zooming in/out will adjust length of the radius.

Plus button will add new favorite location and 3 dots will open menu to re-order, delete and edit existing favorite locations.

Adding Quick Action on iOS

Current location and your favorite locations can now be used on Quick Actions. When your favorite location is already added to the task, button will be changed to turn it off easily.

Smart Lists filter that used to gather all the location-based tasks can now specify one of your favorite locations. Adding multiple filters will let you make a smart list of your own.

  • Customizable swipe actions on Task

You can customize swipe actions on iOS. Go to ‘Settings > Preferences > Swipe on Task’ and choose up to 2 actions per direction. You can select General, Quick Actions, Subtasks and delete.

  • Count for Completed tasks

There are 2 ways to check the numbers. One is on the list. You need to turn on ‘Settings > Preferences > Show Completed Count’ to view it right away on the list on iOS devices like below.

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You can check the numbers on the page by tapping ‘…’ button on top right too. This will show count numbers on that page (date matters).

On macOS, you can right click a list on left pane. Also when you put your mouse cursor at the list name at the bottom, it’ll be shown.

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And there are other improvements such as..

  • Subtasks are shown while sharing lists
  • 9 icon colors added on iOS (Thanks, Dave Ellis!)
  • Watch complication refresh behavior change for calendar events. (Regardless of end time, it’ll show next one after 15 minutes of its start time which is how default Calendars app work)
  • Search result order changed to show recently completed tasks first
  • URL Scheme search by title gives upcoming uncompleted one first on iOS
  • ‘None’ option added for Delay Time after Completion on macOS
  • Right-click on date to add a new task with that date on macOS
  • Quick Action button added to ‘Add’ window on macOS (!!!)

Hope you enjoy the update! :D

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