Minor updates on both platforms

There has been minor updates lately for both iOS and macOS versions of GoodTask.

GoodTask for iOS 3.6.1

  • Editing Fav order is now available
  • Basic voiceover for Smart button is available
  • and some minor bug fixes

GoodTask for macOS 3.6.2

  • Option to integrate subtasks / quick actions panel to main window is added

: There has been many requests after version 3.6 about this. There could be pros and cons on both ways but it felt reasonable for the users that want to see everything in one window. So the option is added to use it either way. :)

  • Tab on Add window moves between title and list selection

: Add window needs more improvement but for now, one easy step for changing lists is added. But the easiest way to change list might be just typing slash(/) and starting alphabet letter of a list. (i.e /g for goodtask or /go if you have other g-starting list)

GoodTask for macOS 3.6.3

  • Improvements on Outlook lists

: Outlook lists can be shared through default Reminders app and be used on GoodTask. There are some caveats though since it doesn’t match everything together very well. Some bugs on time, alerts and priorities have been fixed on this update.

Next major update is planned to be improving smart lists. Keep getting things done with GoodTask. Thanks!