Paste multiple subtasks at once on GoodTask 4.1.2

I hope you’re enjoying 4.1 update. This small update includes pasting copied text option added on previous update into subtasks.

On the new version, you’ll see two buttons at the bottom of subtasks. First one is ‘Paste’ button and it’ll be hidden if there is nothing to paste. If there is, it’ll be shown and when you tap it, it’ll work like below.

There was 3 lined text on clipboard and 3 subtasks are made immediately. The next button lets you hide or show completed subtasks like below.

It’s similar to tasks list where you can show and hide them with same looking button on top.

On the mac version, it’s basically the same. You’ll see two buttons below subtasks whether you’re using panel or in-window option.

Other than that, sorting option bug while navigating multiple lists on Siri Shortcuts is fixed. And some other minor bugs are fixed too.

Hope you enjoy the update! Feel free to give feedback anytime ( Thanks!