Some things about GoodTask and macOS version 3.6

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Nov 11, 2017 · 3 min read

It’s been a long time since GoodTask was first introduced. It started as a simple app called ‘This Week’ on iOS at December 2013. It only had week view at first and grew to have more to get the name ‘GoodTask’.

As users grew, demand for macOS app came a lot and the first macOS version was released on April 2014.

After getting lots and lots of feedback, I re-wrote everything and released GoodTask 3 for iOS at March 2016 and GoodTask 3 for macOS at August 2016.

Since then, I’m still getting lots of feedback everyday and have a long list of things to consider. I fully use the app everyday myself and constantly think how it could be better and what may help to get things done. There is a lot of room for improvements and some big changes will come one by one. (There won’t be GoodTask 4. It’ll roll back to just GoodTask in later updates and will have gradual updates)

There may be needs for explanation on changes. For better understanding and use, I’ll try to write posts about updates and the future of GoodTask from time to time.

GoodTask 3.6 for macOS is coming soon

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One big request that comes in from time to time is about due date changing window. While changing the dates, pop-up goes away or the time rolls back. It doesn’t happen often but it doesn’t feel good when it happens. On 3.6 update, the window will change like the captured screen at the left.

You’ll need to press ‘Done’ to confirm the changes and the window will block other actions until it’s done or cancelled.

It feels more stable than before which will let you change dates without any confusion.

Next big change is about subtasks and quick actions. It stood at the bottom of the right pane and gave some confusion. It was hard to find and got in way for things above. Some people wanted subtasks to be in more focused area. Some people just wanted it to go away and just simply use notes. While using quick actions, checking subtasks was a burden too.

So from now on, subtasks and quick actions will become separate panes like below. (You can still use right click on tasks to use quick actions)

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URL and Notes will be back below List to make right-side pane just simple one row. Also the width limit has been removed so you can make it bigger as you want. It’ll be great for heavy Notes area users.

Keyboard shortcuts (CMD-S for subtasks and CMD-K for quick actions) will open the panel and highlight them. You can add new subtasks right away after the shortcut. Press the shortcut again to go back to main window (CMD-W if you want to close it while focused). It’ll stay where you put it and will re-open with the main window as you open the app.

You may double click on quick action to run each actions whether the window is highlighted or not.

One another feature added is customizing the toolbar. Now you can remove the buttons that you don’t use and keep it simple if you prefer it that way. Right click on toolbar will let you customize it.

This update is scheduled to roll out next week. I hope you like it. :)

Next post will be about version 3.6 for iOS. See you then!

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