Why GoodVision Video Insights is the Only Traffic Collection Solution You Need

Mining traffic data from camera recordings and delivering it to you in a blink like a morning newspaper. That sounds progressive and courageous, doesn’t it? Lets find out what we are doing at GoodVision.

GoodVision Video Insights — Practical walkthrough of working with video-extracted traffic data

We have experienced a very busy year full of hard work in 2018 and in September we have proudly launched our first official product release. It is amazing now, and it is going to be even better in the future. At the time you are reading this there are many new upgrades already — every month there is plenty of new features released which users can experience in GoodVision Video Insights automatically.

GoodVision Video Insights is a software cloud service, which uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to automatically detect and classify video events from unstructured video data in a way a human would do it, for a fraction of the time a human would need. It provides analytical and statistical insights of video events together with advanced data visualization and managerial reporting.

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Who is it for?

Even if the number of cameras is exponentially increasing, we are experiencing that it is still one of the most under-estimated sensors just because it is hard to read in its data autonomously. Any organization that values its data will appraise the power of rapidly transforming huge amounts of unstructured video data into structured, searchable and traceable base of information. There are three key areas where GoodVision is beneficial right out of the box — Retail Analysis, SmartCity Traffic Analysis and Security Forensic Lookup.

Retail: Understanding micro behavior from the macro viewpoint

GoodVision provides brick-and-mortar retailers the same level of shopper insights as those used by the most sophisticated e-commerce sites. Retailers’ decisions take advantage of shopper behavior and convert browsers to buyers.

SmartCity: Don’t wait months for inaccurately surveyed data

GoodVision makes video recordings one of the most important assets of the city. It offers comprehensive analyses and statistics about flows under city cameras for better urban planning, traffic management and location analysis.

Security: Immediate retrieval of events you are looking for

Goodvision provides security operators immediate retrieval of events they are looking for. From business security to law enforcement, it is absolutely beyond the mental capacity of humans to process all incoming streams accordingly.

GoodVision Classification & Tracking engine works underneath the video extraction process

7 Benefits of having it

1. Interactive Visual Analysis

User performs video intelligence over video metadata and visualizes and breakdowns the data on GoodVision’s interactive web dashboard. Draw the zones of interest. Filter by the object attributes and time. Apply AI behavioral analytical functions. Create custom views and statistics. That is just a start.

When we say interactive, we really mean interactive. You can query anything you like in GoodVision’s visual analytics screen.

2. Deep Learning Classification and Object Extraction

GoodVision is powered by Deep Learning AI technology using our proprietary trained neural models to determine types of objects and visual patterns in the video footage. Every important object and event in the video is detected, classified and extracted into the secured video metadata archive, which is up to 1000x smaller than the original video.

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3. Rapid Processing of Big Video Data

Running in a secured cloud environment ensures highly parallel video processing. This makes video analytics an online experience. You don’t have months of waiting for lengthy analyses to finish, get results within minutes. Cloud video analysis is your only bet for quickly gaining practical experience without the limitations of on-premise hardware configurations.

4. Instant Reusable Results

Business Intelligence happens over metadata after the video is processed. Get the results instantly every time you change the search criteria. You own the data. You can delete the original video once extracted. Perform BI over your data anytime in the future, compare it to other data, make summaries, slice & dice, filter and search for events. No need to process the original video again.

5. You Pay as You Go

GoodVision Video Insights is a SaaS service — used when it is needed. You only pay for GoodVision Video Insights as much as you actually consume-for individual hours of processed videos. No licences or extra fees apply.

6. Security and Anonymity

Data obtained from the video is anonymous. The transmission and storage of video during processing is secured and encrypted. Video data is processed on the fly, in a short time necessary for metadata extraction. Objects and events are completely anonymous during the analysis and their reverse identification is not possible.

7. It is Camera Agnostic

Compatible with all standard video formats and IP cameras. No need to commit to a specific camera manufacturer. Also no hardware or software is needed to process or store the data. GoodVision is a SaaS transforming existing video surveillance systems into comprehensive intelligence tools.

GoodVision Video Insights — Graph Reports Screen

Daniel Stofan is a co-founder and CEO of GoodVision — a company devoted to innovate the ways of traffic data collection. Our product GoodVision Video Insights is the autonomous traffic data collection cloud service providing highly reliable traffic data from standard surveillance cameras via Artificial Intelligence. It provides advanced data analytics, data visualization and managerial reporting — all in a single platform covering the whole process of operation from data collection to decision making, with 1-hour delivery of results.

A practical hands-on experience is worth more than a thousand words — visit my.goodvisionlive.com and sign-up for a free account at GoodVision to test it with your own videos.