Dana A. — Aspiring Aerospace Engineer

17 year old high school senior, ambitious astronomer, aerospace engineer to be, artist in love with playing the piano.

A true inspiration for young girls around the world who are interested in STEM, Dana is flying the Jordanian flag high as she excels in every goal she sets herself. Her inclusion in the Goodwall Student Showcase was never in doubt and here’s how she achieved it.

The Little Genius Centre

Dana’s passion for all things STEM began at age 9 when she enrolled in The Little Genius Center (TLG) courses. Despite the criticism she faced for her interest in the field, she soon discovered that she had a special talent and persevered. Her efforts culminated in her first taste of success: 1st place in a TLG competition for beating accountants by mentally solving an oral equation of 70 numbers, faster than them on their calculators.

This feat gained her a television appearance on Aljazeera and the stage was set for Dana to achieve bigger and better things. She later then came back to a TLG graduation ceremony to give a talk about her experience.

The only way is up

Dana began dedicating more of her time to subject fields such as aerospace engineering and robotics which rocketed her to more accolades and press coverage. For example, she had the opportunity to present her work to Jordan’s minister of education while her achievements also garnered the attention of Jordan Juniors Magazine, in which she was named as entrepreneur of the month.

These prizes and coverage all set her on the path to her biggest achievement yet.


The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair is the world’s largest international pre-collegiate science competition. Dana’s previous exploits in the field had earned the honour of representing her country at the 2017 edition of the competition, having previously done so in 2016 and 2015.

For her entry, she managed to successfully conduct an experiment of a novel method for confining matter transported at relativistic velocities by a laser-tube. To put this into perspective, her experiment may have the potential to solve a problem in Stephen Hawking’s ‘star-shot’ initiative. Her demonstration clearly impressed the judges at the competition as she came away with an award from none other than NASA.

From bolts to brushes

Although her STEM achievements is what Dana is most known for, she does have a strong passion for art. She’s a talented painter who has used her skills to highlight the plight of the people around her community and the world, as well as illustrate her thoughts on these issues.

Dana considers painting as her “third language” as she pursues this in parallel to her sky-high ambitions in engineering.

Dana is well on her way to becoming a role-model for her generation. She has already inspired thousands on Goodwall and we’re certain that she will continue to inspires hundreds of thousands more.