Mugurel E. — Champion Karate Fighter and Software Engineer

Indie Game developer and karate fighter from Romania. Currently studying at University of Leeds

18 year old Mugurel from Romania is a champion on multiple fronts. There are very few students his age that can boast the same quality of achievements and here’s how he has managed to stand out from the crowd.

Programming and Software development

One of Mugurel’s biggest passions has been software development and in particular, Indie game development. He has teamed up with his girlfriend in multiple competitions both on the national as well as the international scale. He along with his team of five won the 2016 INFOMATRIX international programming contest held in Bucharest, Romania. The competition had approximately 500 participants from all over the world.

It came as no surprise when Mugurel decided to join a science/programming club due to his love for programming. There, he has been able to enhance his programming skills, making programs run faster and faster. He has also been able to participate in hackathons such as the ‘Microsoft Sleepover Romania’ and get a partnership with the organisation, InfinitSolutions.

National Award Recognition

Once he had set his mind to programming, it was only a matter of time before Mugurel started winning competitions on the national level such as Infoeducatie and GrepIT 8. He would also go on to win multiple competitions at an international level. These accomplishments led to him and his girlfriend, Diana getting nationally recognised for their achievements. They were awarded the Honourable Citizens of Alexandria award.


When he isn’t busy competing in programming competitions, Mugurel participates in Karate tournaments at both a national and international level. As a Brown Belt, Mugurel has won competitions in both karate and kumite sections at the international stage featuring participants from 22 different countries. He reached the pinnacle of his sporting career so far when he represented his country at the European Championships in Hungary and won gold.

It takes a special kind of talent and commitment to achieve what Mugurel has done at a young age. As with all students who made it on to the Goodwall Showcase, he is a constant source of inspiration for students around the world.

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