Priyanshi P. — NGO Founder

Published Author at 13, an Intern at 14, a CEO at 15, Founder of NGO at 16

That one line says it all — 17 year old Priyanshi from India has shown an incredible drive to achieve great things from a young age. She has more than earned her place in the Goodwall Student Showcase and here’s exactly how she did it.

J&B Foundation

While working hard to achieve the top grades in her class at school, she always maintained the passion to help those who were less fortunate than her. At this point she decided to create her NGO, the J&B Foundation which was dedicated to helping the homeless and the ill around her community. At just 16 years old, she immediately took it upon herself to seek out volunteers, sponsors, and donations to kickstart her first initiative. The charity’s first project was relatively small, with Priyanshi and her friends preparing containers of food and going around offering them to those in need in the community.

This first project spurred her on to continue her efforts and soon the foundation grew in members and funding, notably receiving press coverage in the region. She was now able to help people on a bigger scale, with the foundation’s recent trip to Bangkok being a symbol for this growth.

World Art Fortress

In parallel to the J&B Foundation, Priyanshi’s time in the Goodwall community had allowed her to connect with equally exceptional peers around the world. Together, they decided to create a platform where young amateur creatives could publish and share their work. Within a matter of months, they had a website set up, submissions coming in, and planning to release a hard copy of the magazine.

Model United Nations

Priyanshi is a avid and accomplished public speaker and has been to several national and international MUN conferences. Naturally, being the high achiever she is, she won several awards such as the “best delegate” at these events. The achievements did not stop there as she went on to create and organise a new MUN conference herself, in collaboration with WAF and J&B.

In every activity that Priyanshi set her mind to, she was the epitome of drive and passion as she reached and surpassed her goals. By doing so, she became a pillar in the Goodwall community and a role model for students around the world.

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