Vitor S. —Aspiring Physicist

Young researcher, trumpeter and clarinetist at Mutuense Music Band, volunteer at Gaturamo Astronomical Observatory, singer at Maria Penedo Choir and at Opera Carmen as well as aspiring to study physics and astronomy.

Researcher, volunteer, aspiring physics, astronomy student and published in an article all at just 18 years old. This is just the beginning — Vitor fromBrazil has shown an incredible talent to achieve great things from a young age. He has more than earned his place in the Goodwall Student Showcase and here’s exactly how he did it.

Aspiring physicist and astronomer

While working hard to achieve the top grades in class, Vitor has worked just as hard outside the classroom especially when it comes to physics and astronomy. He has won multiple medals in scientific olympiads both at the national and international level. His success in these competitions led to him being selected for a competition to join the highly selective and competitive Brazilian team for the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics.

When he isn’t competing in olympiad competitions Vitor is busy either volunteering at the Gaturamo Astronomical Observatory or teaching public school primary students mathematics through his project ‘Isomagia’.

Published in ‘A Gazeta’

Given his love for mathematics and his efforts to help others learn mathematics through project Isomagia, it was only a matter of time before those efforts were noticed. In April 2017, just four months since the project had been launched, Vitor was interviewed by the newspaper ‘A Gazeta’ for his work.

Published author and musician

Vitor, by now you have realised, is student with many talents. When it comes to music, he plays both the trumpet and clarinet and is part of the Mutuense Music Band. He also sings, and is part of the Maria Penedo Choir as well as a singer at Opera Carmen.

Vitor has also written two mathematics papers that he went on to present at the Mathematical Education National Meeting (ENEM) in Brazil.

Vitor has devoted countless hours in the STEM field and has been rewarded handsomely for it. Add in a dash of creative excellence and it quickly becomes clear that he is one to watch as we look towards the next generation’s leaders.

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