NEWS: The Fintech space just got better than ever!

GoodX App version 1.2 is out, and the app looks fantastic

Zug, Switzerland 08.11.2018

GoodX Finance Network made the Fintech space a lot more tech-savvy by releasing a better version of the app (Version 1.2), which will help customers use liquidity in their assets to be able to manage personal finance in the most efficient way ever.
We are proud to announce that our users can now get their personal European IBAN accounts within the app by using our KYC onboarding, making the platform more secure than ever before!

In this version of the app we have included the following features:
1. Personal IBAN account in European bank within 5 minutes
2. Free of charge SEPA Payments
3. SWIFT/International payments
4. Buy & Sell all supported currencies within the app with the best available rates
5. Order a Master Credit Card, delivered to your doorstep.
We have also fixed all bugs received via our bug bounty program and tested our app thoroughly to make the user experience seamless and secure.

Having covered another milestone on our journey to provide our customers with the ease of managing personal finance with a few clicks, we are determined to add liquidity to personal assets such as multiple fiat currencies, gold and crypto to give our users the real financial freedom!

To further improve, we are running a Bug Bounty program where initial users may test the app to report any possible vulnerabilities and win rewards in XFN tokens worth up to $10,000!

Bug Bounty Terms and Conditions are available on following link

Version 1.2 can be downloaded directly for

i) iOS via Testflight 
ii) Android via Google Play

About GoodX Finance Network

GoodX is a Swiss-based fintech company focused on revolutionizing the world with a new financial platform, offering various tools for everyday use: personal European IBAN, credit card, fiat currencies exchange, gold, cryptocurrencies, unlimited liquidity and borderless transfers with extra low fees!

This is not the end of our journey, and we have a lot more to come so stay tuned and follow GoodX social media channels for instant news and updates!





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