How to use google classroom for students

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If there is one thing that Covid-19 has taught us is that online is our Plan B. Our children’s future is at stakes when schools are struggling to build the infrastructure to drive this digital transformation. But we don’t have to wait for the mountain to come to us.

If you are reading this article surely you have a computer and an internet connection. Let me assure you those are the only things needed to be an online teacher.

And of course Google Classroom.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a tool to help educator teach students online. All the students need in addition to the 2 basic requirements is a google account which most of the student’s parents have. Creation of Google account is also a painless process.

Google Classroom contains the necessary ways to

  1. Manage your students in a class.
  2. Arrange virtual classes using Google Meet.
  3. Manage assignments.
  4. Evaluate the performances of the students.

How to create a class in Google Classroom

First step to setup your online teaching is to setup a class. Login to your Google account and navigate to

Click on the Plus Icon on the top right corner and select “Create Class

Type Class name and Section along with Subject. Click Create to create your online class.

In the next screen click on “Generate Meet link” button. This is the link you need to share with your student’s to connect for your online live class room.

Students joining your class will see this link so that they can join using Google Meet. Click Save to finish this setup.

Your Google Classroom is ready for the next step.

Invite Students to Join the class

Next step is to add your students to the Class. Click on People tab to add your students.

Click on the + Icon in Students section.

Type in the email ids of your students and click on Invite button once all your student emails are added.

The Students will receive invites via email. They can click on the JOIN button to join your class.

Now start your online class after setting up your webcam and teaching materials like white board. I will explain the online material preparation in a totally new tutorial. Click on the Meet link and start the class.

Once your students join you can check it in the right corner under People tab. Students can use the Chat option to raise questions and you can reply with an answer under the question.

Quite simple isn’t it. What’s stopping you from trying this best solution to start teaching online.

Change always starts with you.




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