A day in the life of a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform

There’s no routine when you’re a Developer Advocate for a very rich environment like Google Cloud Platform. It’s not gonna be a long post praising GCP or anything like that, but a very quick one to give you an example of a day in my life, since I joined Google.

Sometimes, I focus on a particular topic for a little while, like preparing a talk on Google Cloud Endpoints, creating a demo or two of Cloud Natural Language API, etc. And there are days, like Monday, where I do the big leg-splits, touching many areas, in the span of a single day! So what did I play with?

I started my day being a guinea pig for my colleagues who were preparing a code-lab on Cloud Dataflow and Apache Beam, launching interesting flows to analyze billions of NYC taxi rides.

I continued my day answering an interview for an upcoming white paper on Web API documentation, where I had the chance to talk a bit about Web APIs at Google and about the new Cloud Endpoints supporting Open API specifications.

I answered an internal question about our Cloud Natural Language API, with which I recently played quite a bit, for analyzing sentiments of tweets and White House speeches.

Then, to answer a customer question, I blogged about & played with the firewall configuration of the GCP cloud networking, in order to see how one can filter access to a Compute Engine VM based on the IP address of the requester.

And to finish the day, to cool down a bit from this busy schedule, I read a bit about the paper on Spanner, Google’s “internal scalable, multi-version, globally-distributed and synchronously-replicated database”. That’s a bit of a mouthful, but really awesome tech!

There are days which are way less busy than this, but sometimes, you know, that rocks to be able to touch so many topics: Machine Learning, networking, databases, Web APIs, and more. All in a single day! That’s crazy cool!