Advantages of Running SAP on Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is certified to run SAP Applications, SAP Cloud Platform (PaaS), and SAP HANA. 
Read on to learn some highlights of what makes GCP different especially for SAP workloads.

Price, availability, and performance leader

Google Cloud offers per second billing and pay as you go for compute and storage and flexible innovative pricing and for all types of workloads and application use cases.
Sustained usage discounts automatically apply up to a 30% discount for instances running for a full month. This is a great default value-add for standard workloads that will run for a undetermined amount of time.
Committed usage discounts have no up front costs and offer up to a 57% discount on regular pricing in exchange for a 1 or 3 year commitment. This is most likely where you will want to be if you are considering running SAP on GCP. More on committed usage discounts here.
Preemptible VM (pVM) instances are ideal for stateless, batch jobs and fault tolerant processing workloads. PVMs are discounted to about 80% of regular pricing.

Custom machine types allow you to select exactly how much vCPU and memory you need allowing you to break free from a predefined instance type at other vendors.
GCP has the fastest instance startup time out of any cloud provider and unparalleled uptime for regions and zones.
Performance is underpinned by the private distributed backbone network with over 100 global network point of presence throughout the world putting cloud locations closer to you. GCP has various flexible and quick turn up private interconnect and peering options for your internal mission critical applications, or use Cloud Identity-Aware proxy (Cloud IAP) for identity verification without the need of a VPN.

BigQuery to reduce your HANA footprint and for ads analysis

HANA and BigQuery (BQ) are two very unique data services and can be used together to handle hot, warm, and cold data tiers. Operating HANA DBs can be costly and usually require upkeep with variable OLTP and OLAP workloads. Infrequently accessed HANA OLAP data can be moved from in-memory to a data warehouse like BQ to provide more cost efficiency. BigQuery is pay as you go, regional, has cached queries, SQL query and easy integration. Use SAP Data Services to integrate BQ with HANA and display it all with Tableau or Data Studio to refine and reduce your HANA system footprint.

Do you have Google Analytics 360 running in your business? Use BigQuery for predictive analysis and better insight into your customers. Automate data flows several times a day and visualize with Google Cloud Data Studio. More here.

Fully compliant cloud and no cost BAA (HIPAA), defense in depth, and integrated security services

Google Cloud does not charge for agreements such as the business associate agreement (BAA) required for HIPAA compliance. Google Cloud holds common and uncommon compliance audits to protect clients and enable all industries to do more.

Google has a very unique approach to security working the past 15 years keeping customers safe on Gmail, search and ads. Everything is encrypted on the platform in transit and at rest at no extra cost. Defense at depth at each layer of the infrastructure and network stack. Read more in the Google security white paper.

In 2017 the public cloud is more secure than most customer owned on-premises data centers. More on Google Cloud security here.

Fully managed, integration is easy

Does your organization use G-Suite (Google Apps like Gmail, docs, or drive?) If so it is very easy to integrate Google Cloud projects and users with Google Admin in G-Suite. More here.

Its easy to try the Google Cloud Platform. Check the free tier program here. There is no up front cost or no commitment to try.

Do you work with a system integrator or partner? Google Cloud has partnerships with most major, regional, and boutique specialty SAP partners.

Don’t worry about deploying and managing instances or complex data warehouse clusters anymore. Focus on productive systems and getting profitable insights from your data. Nearly all services on Google Cloud are fully managed by default.

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