Cloud Run as an internal async worker

Cloud Pub/Sub + Cloud Run


Knative Eventing to Cloud Run

Create a Cloud Pub/Sub topic

gcloud pubsub topics create cloudrun-atamel-topic

Create a bucket and enable notifications

gsutil mb gs://cloudrun-atamel-bucket/
gsutil notification create -t cloudrun-atamel-topic -f json gs://cloudrun-atamel-bucket/

Deploy Cloud Run Service

gcloud builds submit --tag
gcloud beta run deploy vision-csharp --image

Integrate with Cloud Pub/Sub

gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding cloudrun-atamel --role=roles/iam.serviceAccountTokenCreator
gcloud iam service-accounts create cloud-run-pubsub-invoker --display-name "Cloud Run Pub/Sub Invoker"
gcloud beta run services add-iam-policy-binding vision-csharp --role=roles/run.invoker
gcloud beta pubsub subscriptions create cloudrun-atamel-subscription --topic cloudrun-atamel-topic --push-endpoint=

The Moment of Truth!




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Mete Atamel

I'm a Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, helping developers with serverless and orchestration technologies