Finding stuff about GCP

I often hear folks say they don’t know where to start when looking for info on GCP so I thought I’d collate a list of ways to find stuff out about GCP

Obviously there’s this Search engine thingy you may have heard of it it can be found here 😀
However if you want to get straight to a solution then my favourite url is :

Ignore the fact it says tutorials it will also locate solution and concept docs published under

Each product has its own set of docs as you would expect. So if you need to dig into a product look under
 The concepts and best practices would be where I suggest you start and then give one of the quick starts a go.
As an example if you’re looking for concept docs & best practices for Cloud IAM you can look under and you can get to the best practices by the side menu from the IAM docs pages

Screenshot illustrating docs side menu

The IAM Quickstart as with all the quickstarts encourages you to get some hands on.

The GCP blog has lots of useful posts and you should subscribe to the feed to keep up with latests news and tips on getting the best out of using GCP.

This has a fantastic cheat sheet of every GCP product and includes links to each product landing page . Bookmark it ! Go on you won’t regret it and thank @gregsramblings for doing it !

Release notes — Read them regularly! Each product has its own
So first example:
Cloud build —
Cloud storage —
Looking under <product>/docs/release-notes should get you to the product you’re interested in release notes page.

There’s the GCP YouTube channel lots of great videos of all lengths from quick 5 min vids through to longer more in-depth videos.

There are Newsletters
There’s the GCP official one
Personally I love this one that as well as doing a weekly round up of the official news & articles it also collates news and articles from elsewhere. Yes I may occasionally wince at some of the articles but I love that it’s beholden to no one at Google . I just want to say Thank you for this newsletter!
Medium — plenty of cool articles can be found here always worth having a look around and the Google cloud platform medium publication makes it easy to find good quality medium posts about GCP.

Yes there’s Twitter too — There are plenty of Googlers and customers who tweet about GCP as well as the official twitter accounts ( @googlecloud , @gcpcloud) Start with the official accounts and find other folks who tweet about GCP to follow .

I have my favs I follow on twitter and medium and you’ll find yours I’m sure .

GCP has a fantastic eclectic podcast. Subscribe and don’t forget to listen out for the answers to the question of the week!

I’m going to plug my flow charts series as they are a nice visual way to help you figure stuff out and folks seem to really like them. ( I am starting to tee up more flow charts for the third post in the series)

Want to draw out your GCP architecture you can find icons and sample diagrams for various tools ( slides, etc) here

Finally when it comes to hands on and getting support outside of the official support channels here is a good place to start .