GCP API Gateway with gRPC

Simple gRPC client/server for GCP API Gateway and Cloud Run…now with with authentication and authorization!

Basically you deploy a gRPC server on Cloud Run, then an API gateway which brokers requests. The gateway is protected by JWT authentication while the Cloud Run backend will only allow requests originating from the gateway’s service account identity

client -> (gRPC+auth) -> APIGateway -> (gRPC+auth) -> Cloud Run API Server

You can find the source here

other references:


Set environment variables

export PROJECT_ID=`gcloud config get-value core/project`

export PROJECT_NUMBER=`gcloud projects describe $PROJECT_ID --format='value(projectNumber)'`
gcloud config set run/region us-central1
gcloud config set run/platform managed

Optionally recompile proto file:

/usr/local/bin/protoc -I src/ \
--include_imports --include_source_info \
--descriptor_set_out=src/echo/echo.proto.pb \
--go_out=plugins=grpc:src/ src/echo/echo.proto

Build and deploy backend API server

Build & push backend server image

Test direct access to backend.

Now create a service account that will act as the ‘client’ to the gateway

Deploy Gateway

In the following step, we will create a service account that will eventually be used the “Gateways” Service Account

gcloud iam service-accounts create gateway-sa \
--display-name "Service Account for API-Gateway"
gcloud run services add-iam-policy-binding apiserver-grpc \
--region us-central1 --platform=managed \
--member=serviceAccount:gateway-sa@$PROJECT_ID.iam.gserviceaccount.com \

Now create the API

gcloud beta api-gateway apis create grpc-api-1gcloud beta api-gateway apis list
export MANAGED_SERVICE=`gcloud beta api-gateway apis describe grpc-api-1 --format="value(managedService)"`
gcloud endpoints configs list --service $MANAGED_SERVICE

Create the API.

(This step is manual using curl until gcloud cli is updated)

export API_ID=grpc-api-1
export API_CONFIG_ID=grpc-config-1
export SOURCE_FILE=api_config.yaml
export PROTO_FILE=src/echo/echo.proto.pb

envsubst < "api_config.yaml.tmpl" > "api_config.yaml"
gcloud beta api-gateway api-configs create $API_CONFIG_ID --api=grpc-api-1 \
--grpc-files=api_config.yaml,src/echo/echo.proto.pb \

wait about a 3 or 4 mins until its ACTIVE

Create the gateway

gcloud beta api-gateway gateways create grpc-gateway-1 \
--location us-central-1 \
--api grpc-api-1 --api-config=grpc-config-1
export GATEWAY_HOST=`gcloud beta api-gateway gateways describe grpc-gateway-1 --location us-central1 --format='value(defaultHostname)'`echo $GATEWAY_HOST

if you updated a config, you need to update the gateway to use it

gcloud alpha api-gateway gateways update grpc-gateway-1 \
--api=grpc-api-1 --api-config=grpc-config-2 \

Finally invoke the API Gateway using the client

go run src/grpc_client.go --address $GATEWAY_HOST:443 \
--audience=grpcs://grpc-gateway-1 \
--servername $GATEWAY_HOST \

NOTE: the api gateway allows any Google Issued OIDC token through

For other options, see Authentication Rules (google.api.AuthProvider)

- id: google_id_token
authorization_url: ''
audiences: 'grpcs://grpc-gateway-1'
issuer: 'https://accounts.google.com'
jwks_uri: 'https://www.googleapis.com/oauth2/v1/certs'
- selector: "*"
- provider_id: google_id_token

You should also notice the responses come back from different instances over one gRPC channel to the gateway. That means the LB distributes each RPC to different Run backends.




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