GCP festive fun — a Crossword for xmas

Enjoy crossword puzzles, Know about GCP then this puzzle is definitely for you! Go old skool , print the puzzle out ( you’ll need to embiggen it. Printing in landscape works!) Find a pen and sit down with a warming drink alongside a roaring fire or you equivalent and see how long it takes to complete the 25 clues. I’ll make the key available next year if needed 😀


5. Google’s approach to service management

9. Secure device connection and management

11. Infrastructure as code

13. Ingest event streams

16. I can help you classify & redact sensitive data

19. I store objects and have this many classes

21. I provide a secure signing mechanism for Cloud IOT

22. I open doors and this allows you to manage me


  1. The K used to really be a C that orchestrates things beginning with C

2. I’m neither IaaS or FaaS but I’ve been around a while

3. I am both an identity and a resource

4. Who has access to what

5. Keep VM’s running for more than 25% of a month to meet me

6. Global cloud load balancing uses the premium one

7. Use me as a fully managed Apache Hbase replacement

8. I’m not a wrench but I am globally-distributed, and strongly consistent

10. Unified model for batch and stream

11. MapReduce is a thing I am really great at

12. There are more than one of me in each region

14. Store and analyze your data

15. Responding to events

16. Chatbot maker

17. Machine learning framework for deep learning

18. Fully managed version of unified model for batch and stream

20. I let you associate your public SSH keys with your user accounts

If you want the answers they can be found here