Cloud Storage: my static page online in 1 single command

Here it is:

gsutil cp -r -a public-read page/* gs://my-quick-page/

Done! My little HTML website is now online at . Try the link!

That is really convenient, provided these prerequisites are satisfied:

  • I have an HTML page on my local machine ;
  • I am a Google Cloud Storage customer, which means I have enabled billing (or the “free trial”) in my Google Cloud Platform account ;
  • I have installed and initialized the Cloud SDK, which includes gsutil ;
  • I already have a bucket named “my-quick-page”. If not, I create it with :
gsutil mb gs://my-quick-page

The website for this example has the following structure on my local drive:


The URL is quite long and uses a GCS domain, not my custom domain. The nice part about it is that my website is automatically secure (HTTPS) thanks to the * certificate.

Go to the gsutil cp documentation and Hosting a Static Website to know about a myriad of options to better fit your needs, e.g. to use your custom domain name.