Google Cloud Platform — Tech Nuggets — June 1–15, 2021

Welcome to the June 1–15, 2021 edition of Google Cloud Platform- Technology Nuggets.

We heard your feedback about increasing the frequency of Technology Nuggets and this is our first iteration to bring you technology news on Google Cloud Platform every two weeks. For those, who are reading this for the first time, we look at the recent announcements and highlight a few articles to read along with our own commentary.

Build on GCP Architecture Series

Priyanka Vergadia, Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, has launched a new mini-series titled “Build on GCP”. The series will be exclusive on Twitter and LinkedIn and you can follow @pvergadia on Twitter. Two episodes are already published and it leads to architecture blueprints for the solution, which are published in the official Google Cloud documentation:

  • Build a streaming video analytics pipeline using Google Cloud. (link)
  • Build a Machine Learning Vision Analytics solution with Dataflow and Cloud Vision API on Google Cloud. (link)

The series will continue for 13 days with a new architecture being published every day.

Customer Stories

In our customer stories for this edition, check out how Arab Bank accelerated their application development and testing using Google Cloud and enabled true digital transformation.

Migrate for Anthos: The Toolset to Modernization

We constantly hear about customers wanting to take the next step in not just adopting the cloud but also ensuring that they are well on their way to application modernization. Our customers that are running workloads in VMs (Windows and Linux applications) and are looking to move to containerization, ask us about a tool that would help to discover, assess the modernization fit of their applications and help them to containerize. We do have Migrate for Anthos, that helps you do exactly that. Mike Coleman, Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, describes in the blog post, how you can use Migrate for Anthos today. Mike has published a series of videos on this topic, that start from the planning phase, migrating Windows and Linux VM based workloads, Day 2 Operations and more.

Modernize your Microsoft and Windows workloads

Google Cloud is a great platform for you to run your Windows workloads. These workloads could range from on-premise applications that you are running on Windows virtual machines, to migrating your SQL Server database to our fully-managed Cloud SQL or even looking at running Windows containers on GKE.

Sounds interesting? What if you could try out one of the above scenarios, see the experience for yourself via our simulated demos. You can do that today via the demo center that we have set up.

Google Applied ML Summit

Google Applied ML Summit was held recently on 9th June. The digital event covered how you can apply our Machine Learning services in your applications. The sessions provided great coverage of our Machine learning services ranging from training your own custom models, monitoring models, building an end-to-end ML pipeline and more.

The sessions from Data Cloud Summit are available on-demand and if you are looking at some cool demos from the event, check out the demo videos section in the site, that includes a Contact Center AI Virtual Agent, a Pizza Authenticator and more .

Bonus : For those who have never used Firestore before

Firestore is our fully-managed NoSQL database. If you have never heard of Firestore before or want to learn more about it, this is a great post to get familiar with not just Firestore but get knowledge on basic concepts about the type of databases out there.

We also suggest that you can use his handy quickstart guide to give Firestore a spin.

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Looking to keep a tab on new Google Cloud product announcements? We have a handy page that you should bookmark → What’s new with Google Cloud.




A collection of technical articles and blogs published or curated by Google Cloud Developer Advocates. The views expressed are those of the authors and don't necessarily reflect those of Google.

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