Google Cloud Platform — Tech Nuggets — June 16–30, 2021

Welcome to the June 16–30, 2021 edition of Google Cloud Platform- Technology Nuggets.

Tau VM Family

Compute Engine, a core offering on Google Cloud that provides Virtual Machines, is known for its security, reliability and flexibility vis-a-vis the choice of VMs for running your workloads. While we provide you a range of Compute Engine VM families ranging from standard, high compute, high memory and even custom configurations, we have just introduced our latest offering : Tau VM family that provides cost-effective performance of scale-out workloads.

To help you position the new VM family correctly, we have also put together a post on 5 things that you should know about Tau VMs. As bonus, we have a brand new chart on how to select the appropriate VM family for your workload.

Developer and Customer communities

We have announced investments in two communities that are core to us : developers and customers, with the goal of supporting them to adopt new technologies and use them to solve business problems.

BigQuery Updates

We have announced General Availability of Row-level Security (RLS) in BigQuery. This allows for organizations to restrict users to subsets of data in the same table. Do keep in mind that in addition RLS, BigQuery also supports access controls at the project-, dataset-, table- and column-level.

In one of the key feature releases that is crucial for enterprises to bring transactional data to analytical warehouses, we have announced the public preview of multi-statement transactions in BigQuery. As the official blog post states “Multi-statement transactions support multiple SQL statements, including DML, spanning multiple tables in a single transaction. This means that the changes to data across multiple tables associated with all statements in a given transaction are committed atomically (all at once) if successful or all rolled back atomically in the event of a failure. “

Google Cloud VMware Engine Updates

Google Cloud VMware Engine delivers an enterprise-grade VMware stack running natively in Google Cloud. We have recently released multiple updates to the service, a few are listed below:

For customers in India, Google Cloud VMware Engine is now available in the Mumbai region.

No-Code Development

AppSheet, Google Cloud’s no-code development platform, lets anyone with minimal or no programming experience, build custom applications that can run on desktop or mobile. With the recent announcement by companies to have a hybrid model, when we all return to work, everyone needs an application that helps to streamline the reservation of office meeting rooms, desks and more.

To help you understand how easy it is to create an application using Appsheet, this blog post, in addition to the source project that you can customize, shows how you can take an existing Google sheet and design, develop and automate a fully-functional application.

Google for Games Developer Summit and #BuildonGCP Architecture Series

The Google for Games Developer Summit 2021 is being held on July 12–13. The online event will cover products and solutions, best practices and more that will help developers take the gaming experiences that they deliver to the next level.

In our last edition, we covered the #BuildOnGCP Architecture Series. Here is a blog post that covers a summary of the series, with 13 GCP Architectures for your reference.

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