Google Cloud Platform Technology Nuggets — August 1–15, 2021 Edition

Welcome to the August 1–15, 2021 edition of Google Cloud Platform- Technology Nuggets.

A friendly reminder that Registration for Google Cloud Next, happening on 12th-14th October, is open.


What does Application Modernization look like inside of Google? Check out this blog post, on how Google teams moved vendor managed applications, Confluence and Acronix from Compute Engine Virtual Machines to Anthos. The post highlights the pain points of running these applications on VMs and the benefit of moving them to Anthos.

We have published a number of self-service guides that help to migrate to Google Cloud. These guides are categorized into different workloads to migrate (Microsoft, VMware, SAP) to general migrations around storage and databases.

The recent GA release of our Database Management Service made it easier to migrate your SQL databases to Cloud SQL. But did you know that you could potentially use this service to even do a major version upgrade of your database? Check out this blog post.

Analytics & AI/ML

If you are looking to deep dive into Big Query, there is a fantastic series titled “Big Query Admin Series” that has published multiple posts already starting with Resource Hierarchy to the latest post on Data Governance. Check out the deep dive articles published so far and bookmark this series for ready reference:

Speaking of Analytics, every organization wants to tap into data insights. While that is the goal that organizations want, there are still fundamental questions that arise when you build out an entire strategy for building out an analytics pipeline. Is it a Data Lake or a Data Warehouse? What tools should we be using? What if we want to model and run all stages of a typical data pipeline from Ingestion right to visualization and inference. We have written a paper that shows what it makes to build out a Unified Platform for Analytics. Check it out.


OWASP Top 10 is a list by the Open Web Application Security (OWASP) Foundation of the top 10 security risks that every application owner should be aware of. Check out this detailed guide from our Architecture section, that covers various Google Cloud Security Products and which specific OWASP Top 10 risk that it helps to mitigate.

This is a great way to understand not just the risk but to map it to the specific GCP security product. For example, Google Cloud Armor, our DDoS and WAF service, is shown below vis-a-vis the Top 10 risks and you can click on each of the risks (tick mark) to see what Google Cloud Armor does.

Cloud Operations

In another win for User Experience, we have integrated several in-context observability metrics right within the Compute Engine VM details page. This helps to troubleshoot and monitor key metrics while investigating the VM itself rather than switching context across multiple UIs and tools.

You can now click into any VM and get a rich set of visualizations acrossCPU, Disk, Memory, Networking, and live processes.


Are you looking to learn more about the GCP story around IOT and what services it provides to help you launch your next IoT product powered by GCP? Take a look at this technical note that helps you understand the core components behind IoT Core.

Finally, the first-ever Google Cloud Startup Summit will be taking place on September 9, 2021 and we encourage you to register for the same. Check out the published agenda for the event.

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Looking to keep a tab on new Google Cloud product announcements? We have a handy page that you should bookmark → What’s new with Google Cloud.



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