Google Cloud Platform Technology Nuggets — April 16–30, 2022 Edition

Welcome to the April 16–30, 2022 edition of Google Cloud Technology Nuggets.


Google I/O ’22 , our annual developer conference is back this year. It is scheduled to be held from May 11–12, 2022 and in digital format. The program guide that covers keynotes, technical sessions and workshops is out and will be across Web, Mobile, Cloud and more. The I/O online Adventure will be back too when the event opens up, so register today. A few developer labs across various technologies are already open.

Google Cloud has an interesting set of sessions lined up too. Check out the Cloud track.


There are several posts in the Networking section this week.

How does online content reach users within milliseconds? A rich ecosystem of companies and local providers have made this global infrastructure possible. Read this article on the investment that Google is making to bring content closer to our users, customers, and our customers’ end users, so they can enjoy a better internet experience.

The next article is related to the above one and represents a significant milestone for Google Cloud in helping deliver rich media experiences as close as possible to the users. Google announced Media CDN — a modern, extensible platform for delivering immersive experiences with unparalleled scale and intelligence. Media CDN includes out-of-the-box support for QUIC (HTTP/3), TLS 1.3, and BBR, optimizing for last-mile delivery . As an example, when the Chrome team rolled out widespread support for QUIC, video rebuffer time decreased by more than 9% and mobile throughput increased by over 7%.

Designing the network correctly is a key part of any cloud implementation. This excellent article lists down top 10 tips to design a better cloud network architecture from the beginning. The tips cover a wide range for areas ranging from VPN or Not, Interconnect, IP Address management, DNS and more. This is a key read for anyone designing networks in Google Cloud.

And finally an article that helps you understand the typical connectivity use cases for your customers to help you select and set up the best connectivity option (Site-to-cloud, Site-to-site, VPC-to-VPC) for your environment.


It’s been a year of Cloud Information Security Officer (CISCO) updates. Check out the latest edition (April ’22) of CISO perspectives where you will find the latest updates, products, services and resources from our cloud security teams.

Do check out the upcoming Google Cloud Security Summit to be held on May 17–18, 2022. The agenda is published and there will be talks across 4 tracks: Zero Trust, Secure Software Supply Chain (S3C), Ransomware and Emerging Threats and Cloud Governance and Sovereignty. The event is being held online and session recordings will be available on-demand later.

DevOps and SRE

It has been 6 years since Google published the first set of SRE books that have played a big role in helping everyone understand SRE, which is a prescriptive way of implementing DevOps at your organization. Since then there have been a lot of updates in multiple SRE topics like SLOs, Toil and more. There is a brand new page now that captures the updates for the SRE Book topics. Bookmark this link for sure, if you are into SRE.

Do remember that the SRE books are available for download at the following URL:

Cloud Logging and specifically Logs Explorer has seen a solid set of features introduced that will help users find the logs that they are looking for? Multiple features have been introduced including several user interface adjustments to help towards that. The key thing is a simplified text search that helps you do free text searches across your logs for the strings added to the text search box.

Check out this detailed blog post that provides a list of changes done to improve the experience of working with the Logs Explorer.

We mentioned this in the last episode of Tech Nuggets, but it’s worth repeating here that there is a SRE focused podcast, aptly titled “Google SRE Prodcast”. It is an interview-style podcast where Site Reliability Engineers at Google discuss key SRE concepts and share their experiences, advice, and strong opinions along the way.

Machine Learning

Voice Technology continues to play an increasing role in applications today and helps to give a more human approach to the whole user experience. What is critical in the experience is the quality of the voice technology and the ability to detect / transcribe with higher accuracy along with support for language / locales as needed. It has been 5 years since Google Cloud launched the Speech-to-Text (STT) API and currently processes 1 billion minutes of speech each month.

Google Cloud has now announced the availability of our newest models for the STT API. and these models can help improve accuracy across 23 of the languages and 61 of the locales that STT supports. The new model architecture has been part of a 8 year research and it augments a transformer model with convolution layers, that allows it to capture both the local and global information in the speech signal.

STT API is also introducing these models under a new identifier,“latest” and you should check out the documentation.

If you are looking to get started with STT API, check out this blog post that highlights top Speech codelabs for you to try out:

Training and Certifications

The opportunities to get you and your team skilled on Google Cloud are getting better. Here is the latest: 500 Google Cloud self-paced labs are now available on Coursera. A selected collection of the most popular self-paced labs, known as projects, are available at no cost for one month from April 28 — May 29, 2022.

Learners can choose their preferred format to claim one month free access to either a top Google Cloud Project, course, Specialization or Professional Certificate. Check out the post for more details.

One of our entry level certifications tests your knowledge in deploying and securing applications and infrastructure, maintaining enterprise solutions to ensure they meet performance metrics, and monitoring the operations of multiple projects in the cloud. If you are looking to get started on preparing for this certification, check out our guide on How to prepare for — and ace — Google’s Associate Cloud Engineer exam.

Let’s learn about Google Cloud

Priyanka Vergadia has led the way in helping us learn about Google Cloud with sketch notes, which have been highlighted multiple times in this section. Priyanka has combined them into a book that you can purchase and all the proceeds go towards a charitable cause that fights malnutrition and supports the right to education. Read more. Priyanka is an inspiration to many and you can read about her journey here.

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