Google Cloud Technology Nuggets — June 1–15, 2022 Edition

Welcome to the June 1–15, 2022 edition of Google Cloud Technology Nuggets.

Google Cloud helps set new world record for value of Pi (100 trillion digits)

Google Cloud has helped calculate a record number of digits for the mathematical constant π (Pi). There were specific services like Compute Engine N2 machine family, 100 Gbps egress bandwidth, Google Virtual NIC, and balanced Persistent Disks. The blog post goes into detail about the architecture, key design decisions and more.

If you’d like to do a codelab on calculating the value of Pi on Compute Engine, try it here. The source code for the application that set the new world record (100 trillion digits) is available on Github.


Since our last edition, Google Cloud added two new regions: Dallas, Texas and Milan, Italy. This brings the number of regions to 34.

Check out the official Google Cloud Locations page for more information around regions, various services available under them and more.

When it comes to package management, organizations with their cloud environments are concerned in terms of package downloads and want to control their egress costs. Take a look at this blog post that covers how you can use the subdomain and Google-managed repositories

Containers and GKE

GKE Managed Service has made it significantly easier for customers to run containerized workloads. One of the key elements on running and maintaining the cluster, is to ensure that regular GKE updates are applied to the control plane and the nodes. GKE has been raising the bar in this area with various controls around the release channels that customers can subscribe to, the time intervals during which to upgrade / not-upgrade and more. This goes a long way towards not just helping the customers with heavy-lifting during the upgrades but doing it in a way that is flexible and fits their needs.

Take a look at this blog post that highlights some key features released recently to help manage GKE upgrades and how a customer, Delivery Hero has used release channels.

Check out how Brain Corp, that runs thousands of robots across stores, migrated their workloads from AKS to GKE. And more specifically, GKE Autopilot has significantly helped improve the reliability of their environments and improved the developer experience. The guardrails introduced in GKE Autopilot result in fewer misconfigurations, thereby leading to stabler developer environments and experience.

Customers and Partners

The 2nd annual Google Cloud Customer Awards have been announced. Check out the Customer awards across a range of categories.

Google Cloud Partners have played a key role in helping Customers achieve the journey to the Cloud. The 2021 Google Cloud Partner Awards have been announced too.

Congratulations to the winners.


CISO Perspectives for May 2022 is out. It covers Google Cloud’s Security summit, Confidential Computing and the partnership with AMD and other updates.

Infrastructure Security is a foundational part of Google Cloud. This blog post is key to understanding Defense in Depth and the various layers that make it up.

In our last edition, we talked about Assured Open Source Software service, which helps customers secure their open source software by using the same open source packages that Google uses. Check out this blog post that describes how you can utilize the Assured Open Source Software service into your own software delivery process.

Password Reuse across multiple sites continues to be a common pattern across users and hackers are clearly aware about this. reCAPTCHA Enterprise Password Leak Detection is now available (GA) to address this situation. Check out the blog post for more details.

Databases, Analytics and Machine Learning

Migrating Data Warehouses to Google Cloud has brought benefits to the organizations but the journey has its challenges. Key among them is the need to translate legacy queries into queries that run within BigQuery. To address this, automated SQL translation is now available as part of the BigQuery Migration Service (BQMS) and is free of charge.

Check out the blog post for more details and related documentation.

Do you want to get started with Vertex AI but not sure where to start? Check out this blog post that gives you guidance on how you can go about that depending on your role. The roles specified are: Data Analyst, Data Scientist, ML Engineer, or a Software Engineer. More than 25+ resources are recommended by role and task.

How often have you filled out an online application that required your details along with ID proof. What if you could use a building block that helps to capture the ID information automatically from the ID cards/documents that you have. Check out this deep dive into the recent support for ID documents like Passport, Driver License (US-based) via the Document AI identity processors. Check out the original announcement over here.

Developers and Practitioners

You are familiar with Google Cloud Billing page and use it to view your billing for say the last N days, across SKUs that matter, etc. Did you know that there is a “Save View” feature that helps you save that view with all filters, so that next time you don’t need to set up all those filters again. It is also super useful for everyone having access to that billing account to simply use the view and get to the report quickly.

Check out this blog post for more details.

If you are into the MEAN stack, check out this deep dive where you can set up an entire serverless containerized application using Cloud Run and MongoDB.


Let’s learn about Google Cloud

If you are looking to get started with the various AI/ML services in Google Cloud, you are often stumped with choice and specifically around how much of ML one needs to understand before they can get started with these services? What kind of use cases can I start implementing without knowing too much? Or if you are already familiar with Machine Learning and want to realize specific use cases, then which services should you use? What about data? How much training data do I need? Check out this blog post that clearly outlines the various paths and specific criteria that apply to them.

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