What are customers saying about Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure?

I think Google Cloud is the best — best tech, best pricing, best support, best roadmap, and best people. I work for Google Cloud, so I may be biased. So when folks ask me why Google Cloud is better than it’s competitors, perhaps it’s better for real users to speak for the platform themselves.

So I put together a list of customer opinions — folks who live and breathe cloud every day, folks who take the time to understand the differences between vendors, folks who knows performance and cost characteristics because they actually run real-life workloads and deal with scaling, billing, and maintenance. Here it goes!

(this is just a small quick gathering — send me more, and I’ll be sure to update the list!)


  1. March 2016 — “What’s the best cloud? Probably GCP

Quizlet compares Google and Amazon VMs based on networking, performance, and price. Guess who comes out on top!

2. May 2016 — “The future of cloud computing: Google Cloud!

Obulpathi from Monsanto opines on Easy of Use aspects of Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

3. May 2016- “5 unique features of Google Compute Engine that no cloud provider could match

This Forbes editorial discusses what sets apart Google’s VM service, Compute Engine (TL;DR: sustained use discounts, preemptible VMs, custom VM shapes, online disk resizing, shared storage).

4. June 2016 — “GCE vs AWS in 2016: Why you should NEVER use Amazon!

A rather one-sided piece by thehftguy that talks about limitations of Amazon EC2 and how Google Compute Engine’s architecture overcomes such limitations.

5. July 2016- “Why we moved from Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud

Michael Lugassy of adtecho.com explains his reasons for migrating from AWS to Google Cloud, and some downsides of Google as well!

6. February 2016 “Announcing Spotify Infrastructure’s Googley future

Spotify describes reasons for their move to Google Cloud — level of innovation, big data technologies, and people. And, remember folks, next time someone tells you “Spotify chose GCP because they got a good deal”: when the market is not commoditized, it’d be foolish for companies to make decisions on cost.

7. September 2016 “Top 5 Advantages of Choosing Google Cloud

A nice quick recap, although “Google Cloud Hosting” doesn’t have the same ring to it!


  1. August 2016 — “New Google Cloud SSDs have AMAZING price to performance!

When you do the math, Google’s SSDs are 10x-ing the competition on the price-performance spectrum.

2. October 2016 — “A Survival Guide for Containing your Infrastructure

Tripstr switched from AWS to GCP, containerized, and saved 75% on their infra bill. Not bad!

3. November 2016 “Google is 50% cheaper than AWS

A comparison of GCE and EC2 prices.


  1. December 2015 “Amazon S3 vs Azure vs Google Cloud Storage performance Comparison

Google Cloud Storage comes out ahead on throughput, but loses on latency. Mr. Johnson correctly points out that the latency tradeoff is due to Google Cloud Storage being a multi-region service by default, unlike Amazon/Azure options, which are closer to “GCS regional buckets”.

2. October 2016 “Google Cloud Storage vs AWS S3

Jishnu from Vuclip finds GCS from 4x to 20x faster than S3 for uploads while being 35% cheaper than S3.

Big Data

  1. August 2016 — “Spark comparison: AWS vs GCP

This O’Reilly blog compares EMR to Google Cloud Dataproc.

2. September 2016 — “Fun with .. Google BigQuery

Mr. Alvarez is entirely blown away by BigQuery, and leverages the GHCN Public Dataset to come up with some fun conclusions.