Introducing GCP Essentials, a new video series

Every day new users start using Google Cloud Platform (GCP). You might be one of them or know of one. If so, here’s a new video series for you on YouTube — GCP Essentials

You may be using a public cloud for the first time or looking to learn how GCP compares to other solutions you’ve used before. You may consider yourself a developer, may be passionate about containers and Kubernetes, may be excited about Serverless computing, or looking to migrate existing workloads to the Cloud. You may be on the (Dev)Ops side of the house and more concerned about provisioning, monitoring, observability, and alerting. And of course you may also be looking at GCP’s capabilities as some variant of data or ML engineers.

In all cases you’ve come to the right place and this series is meant as a set of short gentle videos to make sure GCP doesn’t look intimidating. Hopefully the short format also works for more seasoned users who want to make sure that they haven’t missed out on some basic information. I know I’ve certainly learned a few things in the process!

Here’s how to subscribe:

In the above opening video, we discuss and Cloud Console as the two most-visited GCP destinations and what to expect from them. We also briefly cover gcloud, our almighty command line, billing and pricing considerations, free tutorials, and we even touch on developer support options.

Upcoming videos will cover GCP’s Free Trial and Free Tier (and why you should not confuse the two), Cloud Console and Cloud SDK in more detail, a platform overview, how to find “stuff”, and a lot more.

Expect new videos every other week. Feel free to provide comments (here or in the videos) and suggest topics you’d like to see covered!