Just Released: gae-init 5.0

If you have no idea what that is and why you should care here is the one sentence description:

gae-init is the easiest boilerplate to kick start new applications on Google App Engine using Python, Flask, RESTful and tons of other cool features.

It all started 4 years ago with the very first commit. Now after 1450 commits, 350 pull requests, 11 contributors, 1000+ signed in users and lots of feedback the project is in a very stable and well tested state. If you like visualizations here is how it happened in under 2 minutes.

All of that would be totally pointless if no one would use our very carefully crafted project, but apparently it’s actively used all around the world. The numbers are constantly growing and that’s amazing. Thank you for using it!

Check more in gae-init stats.

What’s next?

One of the biggest things that will come in the near future the full integration with Angular 2! Let’s hope we will make it before their public release.

Magic will get a huge upgrade, with more features, a quickstart and how to use it in general.

Documentation is always the bottleneck in open source projects, but we’ll try to keep it up to date and with your help that would be even easier. If you find anything that is missing, wrong or outdated filing an issue is already a huge help.

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