Skipping files when deploying node.js apps on Google App Engine

This short article describes how to skip some of files in a node.js project folder when uploading files on GAE.


There’s the skip_files entry in app.yaml at least for python in the Standard Environment [1], but for node.js in the Flexible Environment, there’s no such entry [2]. There is/was if you look at the example [3], but it doesn’t work as of writing.

How do you know?

Well, the Flexible Environment is a VM which technically you can login. It’s not the purpose of this article, but you can login to an instance of GAE, and look at files in a Docker container by doing something like the following:

$ sudo docker exec -it … bash


Once you know the skip_files entry is not supported, the solution is rather simple. Fortunately, the Flexible Environment uses Docker and you can place a .dockerignore file in the project folder.

A .dockerignore file is usually generated (and deleted) when deploying, so you might need to keep the original entries and add your own entries. For example:


Some final thoughts

It took so much time until I found that the skip_files entry does not work, because searching web shows lots of examples using skip_files. The current solution will not be valid when there’s a better solution or skip_files is usable.

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