This week in Google Cloud — “Cloud Dataproc 1.2, Super Mario Run on GCP, 5-star Cloud Spanner, and Cloud Shell code editor in beta”

With a 1.2 release, Cloud Dataproc is now even faster and offers up-to-date versions of Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop.

Cloud Shell’s code editor is now in beta. Serious code editing and a terminal right in your browser feels incredibly powerful.

From the “customers talk best about GCP” department :

Infoworld’s review of Google Cloud Spanner gives it 5 stars. Check out why (

From the “under the hood and how it’s built” department :

There is really no machine learning without data and no data without a modernized organization. Read more in this CIO’s guide to data analytics and machine learning.

From the “ICYMI” department :

Episode #87 of the GCP Podcast discusses Customer Engineers with Jonathan Cham (

From the “GCP in the news” department :

This week’s picture is taken from the Super Mario Run on GCP post :

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