This week in Google Cloud-“Hallo Frankfurt, SSL for App Engine, hardening your buckets, and introducting Forseti”

Welcome to europe-west3! A new German GCP region is open now with three zones and many services.

The best customers are probably those who also contribute back to the community. Introducing Forseti, a new Open Source community started by Spotify and Google to host GCP security tools. See also Spotify’s take.

Speaking of security, here are 4 steps for hardening your Cloud Storage buckets. Most people would call the default behavior pretty secure but being able to harden it is important.

It’s been a long time coming for some old-time users but now Managed SSL for Google App Engine is here for everyone to make their app and the web more secure.

Plenty of how-to posts this week :

From the ICYMI department :

From the “customers talk best about GCP” department :

From the “I like audio and video best” department :

The picture of the week is the Forseti logo :

That’s it for this week!


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