This week in Google Cloud — “It’s all about users and partners”

The recap is back and here’s almost a month worth of GCP news with a significant amount of customer stories (Box, WePay, Fastly, …) and partner announcements (including Elastic) which all make me very happy.

From the “News and announcements” department :

From my favorite “GCP users say it best” department :

From the “Kubernetes & GKE” department :

From the BIGdata department :

From the “Tensorflow & ML” department :

From the “I too was taking time off and might have missed this” department :

From the “We don’t like to brag but… “ department :

Recent GCP Podcast episodes :

The picture of the week is Forrester’s latest Insight Platforms-as-a-service Wave which names highlights Google Cloud as the undisputed leader :

That’s it for this week!