TWiGCP — “Bigtable goes global, Cloud Storage new pricing model, and TF 2.0 Alpha”

Here are the main stories for this past week :

Take control of your Kubernetes clusters with CSP Config Management” (Google blog). Create and manage a consistent configuration for your Kubernetes resources in a multi-cluster setup.

Go global with Cloud Bigtable” (Google blog). Increase the availability and durability of your data by copying it across multiple regions or multiple zones within the same region.

How does your cloud storage grow? With a scalable plan and a price drop” (Google blog). Cloud Storage has had technical excellence for a little while (one API with flexible storage classes, secure and durable, among other things), and now this pricing model should only help more customers use it at scale.

Qwiklabs — Data Analysis quest” ( Use the code 3g-bigquery-785 to get the first lab free! Get started on learning how to query petabytes and even start to build machine learning models.

Simplify enterprise threat detection and protection with new Google Cloud security services” (Google blog). Introducing Web Risk API; Cloud HSM going beta; and new Cloud Armor features..

From the “Tensorflow 2.0 Alpha is here” department :

From the “collaborating with Open Source projects to make them and GCP better” department:

From still my favorite “Customers and partners talk best about GCP” department :

From the “addressing specific use-cases with battle-tested solutions” department :

From the “making ML work for you” department :

From the “Certification from someone who’s taken it” department :

From the “ask the experts” department :

From the “Beta, GA, or what?” department :

From the “all things multimedia” department :

This week’s picture is from the new Cloud Storage pricing model blog post

That is all for this week!