TWiGCP — “UPS on GCP, Better Functions, and Traffic Director”

If you came here from This Week in Google Cloud’s video series here are the links for the topics covered this week :

  • Your favorite runtimes, now generally available on Cloud Functions” (Google Blog). Cloud Run may be all the fun nowadays but Cloud Functions is getting quite a bit of love too with Python 3.7, Go 1.11, and Node 8 now Generally Available. Also, Node 10 is now in beta and you can sign up for private alphas to test Go 1.12 and Java 8.
  • Google Cloud networking in depth” (Google Blog). A discussion about Traffic Director, GCP’s managed traffic control plane to separate development from operations.
  • Berglas ( a new open-source secret management tool and library for GCP (Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, Cloud Build, Kubernetes, etc.)
  • Qwiklabs ( A single codelab or a full quest, Qwiklabs is a great way to start with GCP and to improve your skills one topic at a time.

Other GCP stories for this past week include :

From the “awesome Cloud Run” department :

From the “managed networking functionality” department :

From the “continued Cloud Functions improvement“ department :

From the “reports from the field” department :

From the “for those still a bit confused about Anthos” department :

From the “because the interest in certification just keeps on growing” department :

From still my favorite “Customers and partners talk best about GCP” department :

From the “Beta, GA, or what?” department :

From the “all things multimedia” department :

This week’s picture is the latest decision tree, this time for serverless options

That is all for this week!