TWiGCP — “Docs API, Jib 1.0.0, and Box Skills”

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Here are the main stories for this past week :

Process paperwork pronto with the new Google Docs API”(Google blog). Google Docs is a great place to collaborate and now you can use the flexibility of an API to do even more!

GCP Network tiers (GCP Documentation). Premium or Standard? Get control over network costs if you’d like!

From CCIE to Google Cloud Network Engineer: four things to think about” (Google blog). Networking in the cloud era and key GCP best practices.

How Box Skills can optimize your workflow with the help of Cloud AI” (Google blog). Vision API and Cloud Functions at work, all with code provided.

Predicting Customer Lifetime Value with Cloud ML Engine: introduction” (Google blog). As with any GCP Solution this one comes with code and full details.

Jib 1.0.0 is GA — building Java Docker images has never been easier” (Google blog). Idiomatic down to how you build docker images without installing docker or even writing a Dockerfile.

From the “lift-and-shift or cloud-native, there’s a solution for you” department :

From the “certifications from those who take them” department :

From the “MNIST on TPU and Cloud ML Engine serving” department :

From the “how about spending some time on a (free) quality codelab?” department :

From still my favorite “Customers and partners talk best about GCP” department :

From the “automate with scheduling” department :

From the “this week in Serverless” department :

From the “Beta, GA, or what?” department :

From the “all things multimedia” department :

This week’s picture is one of several neat schemas from the “CCIE to Google Cloud Network Engineer” post

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