TWiGCP — “Cloud Services Platform (CSP) hits beta, ML APIs here for all, and Alooma”

Feb 25th, 2019

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Here are the main stories for this past week :

Cloud Services Platform — bringing hybrid cloud to you” (Google blog). CSP is now open to everyone in beta. If you’re currently using Kubernetes or running a hybrid of on-prem and in-the-cloud, you now have a powerful tool to modernize existing apps at your own pace.

Jib 1.0.0 is GA — building Java Docker images has never been easier” (Google blog). Jib offer an idiomatic experience in building docker images without installing docker or even writing a Dockerfile.

Google announces intent to acquire Alooma to simplify cloud migration” (Google blog). Alooma are data migration and integration experts. More support when migrating to the cloud and building data pipelines.

Google Cloud Certified Grand Challenge” ( Get certified by March 31th and win a free ticket to Next ‘19

Analyze this — expanding the power of your API data with new Apigee analytics features” (Google blog). Which customers are using my APIs? How do I categorize my customers? Should I monetize my APIs? Apigee has the answers.

Announcing Knative v0.4 Release” ( Now with additional protocol support — HTTP2 and gRPC, and the ability to upgrade an inbound HTTP connection for WebSocket.

Making AI-powered speech more accessible — now with more options, lower prices, and new languages and voices” (Google blog). Multi-channel speech-to-text recognition, more voices (roughly doubled), more languages in more countries (up 50+%), and at lower prices (by up to half in some cases).

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This week’s picture is taken from the speech-to-text and text-to-speech updates post

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