TWiGCP— “Dialogflow & PostgreSQL going GA. ImageNet training for the price of a dinner (in SF)”

This week from the “graduations and announcements“ department :

You can now train ImageNet to 93% accuracy in <7.5 hours for <$50 on Google Cloud TPU ( The best non-TPU result comes out at 14.6 hours (~2X the time) and ~$358 (~7X the cost)

From the “inspirational” department :

From the “how to” department :

From the “GCP coverage elsewhere” department :

While Istio has popularized the term “Service Mesh” this InfoQ panel may help you get an even better understanding of the concepts it encompasses — “Microservices Communication and Governance Using Service Mesh” (

From the “In case you missed it (ICYMI)” department:

GCP Podcast latest episode #123 is “Post-Quantum Cryptography with Nick Sullivan and Adam Langley” (

This week‘s picture is taken from the “environmentally responsible cloud matters” post:

That’s it for this week!

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