TWiGCP — “Grafana, Spinnaker+Kubernetes, Apigee, and supporting NASA’s FDL”

After some coverage in the past couple of weeks, here’s the formal announcement — “Introducing Stackdriver as a data source for Grafana” (Google blog)

Identity and Access Management needs to work for *your* setup so here’s “more control over your Compute Engine resources with new Cloud IAM features” (Google blog)

A new Spinnaker (1.10) Kubernetes provider to automatically retrieve manifests that match the commit version from which the images were built — “Enhancing Spinnaker’s Kubernetes support to ease app deployments” (Google blog)

With several Apigee features going to GA it may be time to look into Google Cloud’s full lifecycle API Management platform — “Apigee API monitoring, extensions and hosted targets now generally available” (Google blog)

Staying on the topic of APIs, here is: “REST vs. RPC: what problems are you trying to solve with your APIs?” (Google blog)

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This week’s picture is taken from the post describing the Google Cloud + NASA FDL collaboration :

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