TWiGCP — “New BigQuery UI, introducing krew, and Minikube enhancements”

Here are the main stories for this past week :

New BigQuery UI features help you work faster” (Google blog). Sharing queries, dataset, and more in a new UI.

Meet `krew`, the kubectl plugin manager! ( Discover, install, and keep kubectl plugins up to date.

Livin’ la vida local: Easier Kubernetes development from your laptop” (Google blog). Minikube GPU and LoadBalancer support; plus building and deploying with Skaffold and Jib.

From the “journey from Vision API limitation to quality results with AutoML” department :

From the “Which is the best Google Cloud authentication and identity management option” department :

From the “Google thriving in the retail business in more ways than you might think” department :

From the “How-to” department :

From the “stepping back and looking at the status of key Cloud Native tech” department :

From the “Industry Perspectives” department :

From the “What’s a TWiGCP without a dedicated BigQuery section?” department :

From the “Beta, GA, or what?” department :

From the “all things multimedia” department :

This week’s picture is the BigQuery UI and its ability to share queries

That is all for this week!