TWiGCP — “Presto in Dataproc, AVR-IoT WG kit, and Secrets on GCP”

Here are the main announcements for this past week :

Extending the SQL capabilities of your Cloud Dataproc cluster with the Presto optional component” (Google blog). More SQL query engine choice for heterogeneous data sources.

Google Cloud IoT and Microchip bring simple and secure cloud connectivity to 8-bit MCU with the AVR-IoT WG kit” (Google blog). First 8-bit MCU development board WiFi-connected to GCP.

From the “data for good” department :

From the “best practices and how-to’s” department :

From the “fun games, serious numbers” department :

From the “know your secrets, manage your secrets“ department :

From the “all things multimedia” department :

This week’s picture is the AVR-IoT WG development board, an MCU ready to connect to GCP

That is all for this week!