TWiGCP — “PyTorch on GCP, developer-friendlier GKE, and numerous in-depth how-to’s”

Introducing PyTorch across Google Cloud” (Google blog). Taking the PyTorch 1.0 Preview release to GCE Deep Learning VM Images, TensorBoard, Kubeflow, and Cloud TPUs.

A developer onramp to Kubernetes with GKE” (Google blog). It all starts with developers — lowering the barrier to entry with better UX, improved documentation, and an open source tool for exposing single-host Kubernetes cluster services.

tfjs-vis, a browser based visualization library for TensorFlow.js (

From the “GCP + partners = user goodness” department:

From the “demystifying hybrid cloud and GCP disaster recovery” department:

From the “how-to and deeper dive — BigQuery & AutoML edition” department :

From the “how-to and deeper dive — Cloud Native edition” department :

From the “Beta, GA, or what?” department :

From the “all things multimedia” department :

This week’s picture is taken from the GKE for developers blog post :

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