TWiGCP — “Serverless delivers, trust your binaries, and better Cloud Firestore”

… and we’re back!

First things first, we now have a consolidated and improved home for Google Cloud blog posts. tl;dr:

Second, a reminder that a Cloud Next ’18 conference recap is available here (

From the “delivering on the Next ’18 Serverless promises” department :

From the “security at every layer” department:

From the “Firebase + GCP” department :

From the “Big Data OSS, DevUX, and built-in cloud services” department :

From my favorite “Google customers and partners talk best about GCP” department :

From the “back from Cloud Next ‘18” department:

From the “Java developers get their share of Google Cloud love“ department :

From the “what’s a monthly recap without a dedicated BigQuery section?” department :

From the “Istio hits 1.0 milestone” department :

From the “TensorFlow, AutoML, Cloud ML Engine” department :

From the “handing over the machines to machines“ department :

From the “observe all the things” department :

From the “Cloud Native news” department :

From the “how-to” department :

New Google Cloud Solutions:

From the “Beta, GA, or what?” department :

GCP Podcast recent Episodes

Kubernetes Podcast recent Episodes :

From the “all things multimedia” department :

This week’s picture is taken from the Cloud Firestore beta post :

Phew, that is all for this week!

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