TWiGCP — “Stackdriver IRM and CloudNAT in announcement wave. Also, customer technical use-cases galore”

With Cloud Next making the London stop last week, the announcement and customer sections are particularly dense this week. Here we go:

From the “SRE-tools-for-all announcement” department:

From the “Identity and access management announcements” department:

From the “data storage announcements” department :

From the “effective and flexible software-defined networking announcements” department :

From the “BigQuery announcements” department:


From my favorite “customers speak best about GCP” department :

From the “How-to” department :

From the “Kotlin is amazing on the server too” department :

From the “everyone loves a managed Kubernetes comparison” department :

From the “Beta, GA, or what?” department :

From the “all things multimedia” department :

This week’s picture is from Hieroglyphics Initiative, a research project launched by Ubisoft and Google:

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That is all for this week!