TWiGCP — “Istio 1.1, better Deep Learning VM images, and a GCP plug-in for VMware vRealize”

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First, we’re just a couple of weeks away from Cloud Next ’19. Make sure to register or make plans to follow Next OnAir ! Everyone on the team is incredibly excited (and busy)!

Istio / Announcing Istio 1.1” ( This is a release focused on performance and scalability. The control plane memory consumption was a particular area of focus.

NVIDIA’s RAPIDS joins our set of Deep Learning VM images for faster data science” (Google blog). Try these one-click setup images if you’re into deep learning and haven’t already. You’ll probably find out that they’re incredibly useful and a true time-saver.

Now generally available: Plug-in for VMware vRealize Automation” (Google blog). More reasons for VMware customers to manage and consume Google Cloud resources.

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This week’s picture is from the post announcing the additions of RAPIDS to our Deep Learning VM image

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