TWiGCP — “KMS client libs, IoT Device SDK, and CSP Config Management”

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Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure Training”. Every day new users, maybe your colleagues, take their first GCP steps. With presentations, demos, and hands-on labs, this class is for them.

Coursera — Google Cloud”. The self-paced training courses (GCP Fundamentals and many others) from Coursera remain very popular, especially if you’re planning on a certification.

Automating infrastructure with Cloud Composer”. Meet Apache Airflow managed by Google (using GKE) in this new step-by-step solution. This tutorial shows you how to automate backups of Compute Engine VM instances.

Kickstart your cryptography with new Cloud KMS client libraries and samples”. The new GCP KMS client libraries are here! These gRPC-based libraries are more language-idiomatic and include a large collection of sample code for all languages!

Making AI-powered speech more accessible”. Speech-to-text, Text-to-speech — more features, more voices, more languages, better accuracy, and lower prices!

Introducing the Cloud IoT Device SDK” (Google blog). Embedded C libraries to connect, provision, and manage devices with Cloud IoT Core.

Take control of your Kubernetes clusters with CSP Config Management” (Google blog). The logical next step after last week’s Cloud Services Platform (CSP) beta announcement.

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